are you even bothering to buy tickets for festivals next year?

yer likes of Download seem… optimistic (as in… naive)

I’ve rolled over my Primavera and Arctangent tickets but wouldn’t buy any more.


Rolled over for end of the road. September so feel like there’s some chance of it going ahead.

yeah rolling over obv makes good sense

i’d be gobsmacked if it does.

If, (big if), there’s a vaccine by spring/early summer next year then there’s probably enough time for the vaccine to be rolled out for September.

sorry brain no work goods - read it as THIS september

Oh no that’s been cancelled obviously

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Not bothering yet. We’re meant to be playing a little festival in Norway next summer and I really really hope it happens

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Nah, I’ll get guestlist as a reviewer.

i wish that for you too :frowning: was talking to F, and he has fully assumed that next summer is cancelled, as it were, unless a vaccine appears

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reviewing for what tho

I’m really not as bothered about festivals now though tbh, think I’ll just go on holidays instead. Reckon I might do Le Guess Who though as its not camping and its in a great city.

do wonder if there’ll be an overwhelming lack of enthusiasm for fests going forward, even with a vaccine

I’d have thought so but Primavera sold out very quickly.

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Saw yer man F was the guinea pig for distancing gigs and that it was not a good experiment

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proper dire. ally (venue owner) was run ragged trying to pull the gig off, got it over the line with all safety measures as necessary… and even though none of the performers charged for playing, it still took a loss :no_mouth:

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A venue in Cork has done a couple of these so far and they seem to have gone alright, they haven’t reported on any catastrophic losses so far but who knows. Think Whelans in Dublin have announced a distanced gig for the near future.

A small festival in NI are trying to do a distanced festival thing soon with limited numbers over a big ground but don’t know if they’ve got permission yet

I’ve bought a couple of gig tickets for next year in addition to the ones that have been rescheduled from this year, we’ll see what happens won’t we.

Haven’t bought any festival tickets cos I’m not that bothered about festivals anyway

Would never buy tickets to anything I didn’t know the full lineup of, even pre-pandemic.