Are you funny?

I am. I try not to be though.

Think I’m probably the exact opposite.


you’re just more pure than me ccb, just go with what seems natural

“Thats not for me to say - what do you think?” - @anon3515918


I like to think so. I have to try harder on the internet - I have a goofy face irl. It gets laughs even when I’m trying to be Deadly Serious. Especially when I’m trying to be Deadly Serious actually, which is bloody annoying.

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who is the funniest person in your life? Mine is probably me as there isn’t huge competition

I’m less funny than I was. Real life gets in the way of me being the joker I was in my early twenties.

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Think I’m anti-funny

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Are you laughing at me or with me?

I smell funny

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sometimes you make me laugh in a kind of wholesome way that’s more about appreciating life than finding anything amusing.

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Think the secret to being actually funny is having a really expressive face and tone of voice

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also in case you were wondering I have a fairly standard laugh, not too eccentric, occasional high pitched variation but usually like to keep it pretty MOR.

Thank you

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I wonder if there is a richter scale of laughs

In the right company i think I can be - I can’t turn it on for anyone though

like my cooking though, I think I enjoy my own funnies more than anyone else does

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same goes for farts


Hope so, it’s all I’ve got.

No not really. Get told I’m too serious. Do like a laugh mind.

that’s not true, though you are funny!