Are you going grey?

Had a haircut this afternoon, noticed a few white outstanders on me lid. Have you got any white hairs? If so, how many (approx)? When they did they start? Are you taking any action?

years ago


To a fucking ridiculous extent for a 25 year old tbh (have been going grey since about 18 though)

tend to keep my hair fairly short to hide them but don’t dye them or anything like that

I’ve had a very pronounced white stripe in my hair for years. Barber loves it, I think it’s cool as fuck. Happily go grey tbh.

Around the age of 30
No - I quite like the distinguished look :slight_smile:

found my first grey at 15. got a right old streak going across the front of my head now. my mam and gran both went grey like that as well tho and my mam’s got AMAZING silver hair now, so im looking forward to that

Yeah, as of a couple of years ago. Probably a dozen of the fuckers or so. Funnily enough, no new ones since leaving my old job.

I get the easy ones with tweezers and ignore the rest. Que sera etc.

Beard - yes
Elsewhere - no

No action being taken.

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A smaterring
About 4 - 5 years ago

got them everywhere tbh. had a lot more in my beard recently, but also a lot more red hairs in my beard as well which is great. finding greys in my chest hair and pubes, not so much

muh - eh - guh

Yes, can’t wait tbh. Going to go all Tom Cruise from Collateral.
I’m lying actually it fills me with existential dread every day. Especially the ones around that SPECIAL PRIVATE PLACE. My head.

Yes, always wanted hair like dash x in eerie indiana

yes, noticed them just before my a-levels, so 17

This ^


Yup. Since I was about 13/14

Also massively need a shave

Not that I’ve noticed
See above
See above
No, I won’t.

I have fairly nondescript mousey hair anyway, and a gingery beard so would kind of prefer it to go grey, tbh.

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