Are you going grey?

Hair’s getting a bit long there champ

About 12% coverage
In my late 20s

you’re absolutely right. getting it cut this weekend!

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He was born GOLD

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A few here and there, not really noticeable
Found the first one when I was about 22/23
Nope, although I let the TV pluck them out if he sees them. Not really bothered though.

Until I was about 12/13 I honestly thought that women had to start dying their hair when they started going grey. My mum told me that if you didn’t then it was the same as not getting a haircut or cutting your nails or something, like it’s an essential grooming process. My mum’s mum still gets her hair dyed brown and she’s 90 so I imagine my mum will be the same. Bit sad really.

Yeah. well maybe?

Background to this is I just find his expression in that poster really hilarious. Vin and The Rock look like they mean business, he looks like the photographer just took the snap when he was being asked an awkward question :smiley:

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yeah big time, my dad went fully grey by early 20s and I’ve been going grey since a teenager. Not really doing much about it, my hair is a curly mess and it’s getting worse given the grey hairs are dry/brittle (anything that can be done about this?).

*Sad that they feel they have to dye their hair, not that they dye it. They can do what they want with their own hair and everything but I know they wouldn’t bother if it wasn’t for imagined societal pressure, think they’re both terrified of being seen as “old”

One single brilliant white chest hair, that gets plucked whenever I notice the sod (it stands out terrifically as I’m vaguely Latino).

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I’ll try to incorporate the words ‘terrific’ and ‘sod’ into my new persona. Probably rhymed with ‘horrific’ and a reference to the old stomp box manufacturer, ‘DOD’.


I am going a bit grey and thinning! Its terrible I’m only 12!

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Yep, big time. Got quite a few in my beard too, and in other areas. Probably started in earnest about 4 years ago, though I did notice a couple about 7/8 years ago. Not taking any action.

why anyone would consider taking action against grey hair is beyond me. It looks fucking fantastic.


None among my admittedly thinning head hair, one or two in my beard and a possible rogue grey in my pubes. I am not going to do anything about any of them.

Dunno. Been dying my hair for about 10 years now. No idea what colour my natural hair is anymore.

In spirit, yes, in hair, no.

you are correct, thick grey hair is lovely but rarely are the partnered

no. my dad still hasn’t gone grey and he’s in his 60s. weird that, dark hair is usually the first to go