Are you good at anything you don't have any interest in?

Listening to the Quickly Kevin podcast, a lot of talk about how David Batty hated football and had little interest in it but played it cause he was good at it. Anything similar for you?

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I’m good at social media but I really hate social media and I don’t find it in the slightest bit interesting.

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Was always fucking brilliant at the skipping race in primary school sports days, I didn’t want to be good at the skipping race, it was demeaning.


My job.


I reckon I’d be fantastic at manipulating people for personal gain if I wanted to.

oh yeah I was good at long distance running (not brilliant_) but did it really well. Couldn’t stand it though

One of my friends is a natural at golf but fucking hates it.

Hardly ever played and is better than pretty much anyone I’ve ever played with, including friends who have been playing years.

Really good at cleaning and if I get started I can’t stop until everything is sparkling. Was pretty useful when I was a chef but I hate it for obvious reasons.

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I remember my PE teacher being astounded at how good my hurdles technique was. Probably because I was so disinterested in any physical activity at school. Anyway, he was adamant I do the hurdles at school sports day and I went and fucking stacked it on the 3rd hurdle.

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Go karting. Went down there the first day it opened right, and I did a couple of laps, I pulled over, the bloke that runs the thing comes over and said - Oi no professionals. I took my helmet off, I said I’m not a professional. He said - you’re not a professional? I said - No, he said - well you should be, if I was you I’d take up Formula One, and if you drive like that you’d probably be the best in the country! I said - I’m not interested I’m making shit loads out of computers.


Cooking. Absolutely belting at it, but can I be arsed?


fuck that

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What’s your PayPal address?

FFS, can’t believe you beat me to this one.

Won the skipping race by default at primary school after everyone else was disqualified for cheating (basically they all ran for most of it).

You can post the speedway quote?

Taking the bins out on bin day and bringing them back in again once the truck’s been. Doesn’t stimulate me on any level, but I execute the routine perfectly every single week with minimal effort.

Data analysis

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sucking di[abandon reply]