Are you guys very moley?

I’m pretty moley I guess, three significantish ones - necks, left arm, right hip. Only the neck one half fell off a few years ago for no reason so I guess that’s the weakest.
Got any good moles?

Got loads. Every so often I get one that looks a bit odd; I book myself a GP appointment, convince myself that I’m about to die, and then get reassured that it’s benign.

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I’ve got loads of really tiny ones that I find quite fetching if I’m honest.

I’ve got 6.02*10^23 of them!!


I hate myself.

i think i’ve got one on my bum

Got a couple of cherry angiomas which, coincidentally, is my favourite fruit-based dessert.

I think your phone’s broken

I had them removed when I was little because I did not enjoy them.

I am very partial to these wee fellas tho -


Yeah, quite a few.
Got these three on my side that I call the moley trinity.

Got some purple ones on my chest and a big fucker on my back too.

If only, pal. If only.

I’m short-sighted. Does that count?

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I had one removed from my face earlier this year.
I should have done it YEARS ago. The man cutting it off was like “ooh this is quite thick isn’t it” whilst slicing away at my face.


quite freckly tho.

Which is your favourite freckle?




How are we defining mole? I’ve got like 14 moles / freckles on my left forearm alone.

Big fan of your grey streak.


pretty moley!