Are you hairier than your Dad?

I’m not. He is a very hirsute man, I have low double digits chest hair.

I’d hope not


I think it’s likely but I haven’t seen my Dad unclothed since he was considerably younger than I am now.

My anus is slightly less hairy, but otherwise, we’re about the same


Dunno mate, haven’t spoken in over a decade far less compared shoulder hair density.

  • Plait me, Daddy!
  • Shave me, child!

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How dare you create such a frivolous poll in so serious a thread?

Yeah I definitely am

  • Frivolous Poll
  • Frivol us, pole

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My dad is bald…on his head.

Not yet but i will be soon

My dad’s got hairy dad hands. At what age does one get hairy dad hands.

He’s dead. I’m bald so :man_shrugging:

Bout the same (not very)

Is that a question?

The new TV show on Sky One, following the success of “Are you smarter than a 10 year old?”

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Not sure why nobody is participating in my poll

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I’m substantially hairier than my dad. I’m basically Mr Tumnus from the waist down.

How dare you

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@moderators we got ourselves a title for @HotBeefTrauma