Are you happy

With your current home energy tariff?

  • Very happy
  • Quite happy
  • Perfectly serviceable
  • A bit unhappy
  • Very unhappy

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  • Same provider for gas and electricity
  • Separate provider

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Not on gasbook.

  • British Gas for British People
  • EDF / EDL
  • Npower rangers
  • Bulb
  • Green network
  • E on
  • Scottish power rangers
  • Other

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I’d like to say Devon was the same but ours is just cause the pipeline doesn’t reach to our house.

I’m on oilbook and it’s shite

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Currently EDF but I hate them. Will switch soon, but landlord won’t have smart metres fitted and I think a lot of the better suppliers insist on them now.


  • Nationalise energy
  • I like the variety of choice and also expense

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love that someone’s already clicked on this


Npower at the minute- want to change but apparently I’m not eligible for a smart meter yet?
Got a couple of threatening “To the current occupier” letters from them when I first moved in, saying I owed them money and they had a right to enter etc etc
Managed to get it sorted and explain it wasn’t me but I’m still miffed at them for this. Also, I’ve only had one proper bill, which was late and seemed far too low, so girding my loins a bit for an absolute shocker next month.
Would like to get with one of the “nicer” ones but we shall see if I ever get that sorted. I’m a sucker for pain, etc

Hoogy towers in central London is entirely gas free: induction cooking and hot water/heating from the central heat network.

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Never got on that well with induction hobs, hard to simmer stuff.

Don’t like having gas, tbh. Freaks me out a bit.
Constantly on edge that it’s gonna leak or explode and I’m gonna kill myself and everyone in the building. Forever going down to the kitchen to check it, genuinely over and over and over, about six times before I can go to sleep and even then I have to keep looking at the photos I took.
So if anyone would like my gas then you’re welcome to it. Can I ask for it to be taken away? Is that a thing? Don’t want it.

Never had @Epimer over?

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ISupply, absolute bunch of chancers

Quite enjoy it, to a certain extent. The day me and my wife split an entire cabbage for dinner was not a pleasant one


Ooooh look at me, I’m Scott and I’ve got a wife and am rich in cabbages



found them to be fine so far…