Are you happy

With your current home energy tariff?

  • Very happy
  • Quite happy
  • Perfectly serviceable
  • A bit unhappy
  • Very unhappy

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  • Same provider for gas and electricity
  • Separate provider

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Not on gasbook.

  • British Gas for British People
  • EDF / EDL
  • Npower rangers
  • Bulb
  • Green network
  • E on
  • Scottish power rangers
  • Other

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I’d like to say Devon was the same but ours is just cause the pipeline doesn’t reach to our house.

I’m on oilbook and it’s shite

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Currently EDF but I hate them. Will switch soon, but landlord won’t have smart metres fitted and I think a lot of the better suppliers insist on them now.


  • Nationalise energy
  • I like the variety of choice and also expense

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love that someone’s already clicked on this


Hoogy towers in central London is entirely gas free: induction cooking and hot water/heating from the central heat network.

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Never got on that well with induction hobs, hard to simmer stuff.

Never had @Epimer over?

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ISupply, absolute bunch of chancers

Quite enjoy it, to a certain extent. The day me and my wife split an entire cabbage for dinner was not a pleasant one



found them to be fine so far…

Nijmegen are aiming to achieve this by 2030

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just updated my tarrif the fuckers, fuck scottish power, fuck them

^Ditto Vale Towers. Making a roux without gas is a proper ball-ache