Are you happy

It all seems really, really shoddy to me and I also suspect they’re massively overcharging me

from my experience, you need to stay on top of your meter readings, as they sure as hell aren’t going to bother.

As long as you do this, found them much better in terms of charging than my previous supplier (E.ON), who fluctuated wildly between charging me about £40 a month or £120, despite my increasingly irate pleas to go for the middle ground…

Don’t know because our gas meter’s stopped working. Can’t help feeling that’s not going to be to my benefit.

If any of you non-Bulb plebs want to get on Bulb I’ll do you a code where we both get £50 of credit. When mine comes through I will give it to shelter.

what kind of central heating will dutch people use then?

anyone here got any electric heating that isn’t expensive or crap?

Yes I think this is part of the problem - I’m often away for the start of the month which is when they want the readings and I think this messes things up. Just little things like I submitted a payment 10 days ago and it’s still showing that I owe. My last supplier was British Gas and they were just so much more on it.

fuck off mate

Oh ok!

someone stopped me in the street the other day, didn’t even ask me if I had a minute or open with one of those whacky things they normally say like “hey, GREAT jacket!” just bowled straight up to me and said “Who is your energy supplier?”
I frowned and carried on walking

Didn’t even say hello?? Poor scott egg


Can we get some info on why @asita has separate gas and electricity suppliers please?

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Dutch oven


We have just switched to the People’s Energy Company. Seem like a GBOES so far.

Also used Look After My Bills to switch which was super easy. Big fan. Saving is £300 a year which I’ll spend on something stupid I expect.

Alright, The Independent Group For Change UK.

The Liberal Thermostats :grimacing:

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Relatively new, well insulated homes can use heat pumps and electricity. For older housing stock that will often be expensive and complex, but with some extra insulation, they can switch to large-scale heat networks using clean geothermal energy.