Are you "here for" anything at the minute?

You know how sometimes it’s like “So and so did a thing and such and such a person/people are so here for it”

Got any of them at the minute?



My friend made some really good chilli jam and gave me some, am I “here for” that?

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Yeah. What you have to do though is make a post that goes: “My friend made some really good chilli jam and gave me some and I am so here for it”

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“My friend made some really good chilli jam and gave me some and I am so here for it”

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I’m here for antpocalypsenow threads. You love to see it.


Thank you, expert posting.

Learned from the best

absolutely not, nothing has been giving me life either

do people still say that?

where’s the nearest cloud?

I’m waiting for a parcel to be delivered, and I am here for it.


This is entertaining and subversive posting and I am here for it.


this is a solid joke, marckee, and I am h-

edit: goddammit

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I thought that it was a bit of a dad joke, myself, but it’s nice to know that others are here for it.

I’m not here for anything, but my can of Diet Coke “can’t even”. And yesterday’s went “yaaaasss”. So that’s fucking shit, if you’re keeping tabs.

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Gardner Minshew II is the culimation of all these facts:

  1. Despite being called Gardner Minshew II, there is no Gardner Minshew the first.
  2. He once hit his own hand with a hammer in an attempt to deliberately injure himself so he could ultimately play more football, however, he failed to hit himself hard enough (
  3. Used to dress like this:

  1. Was selected as a sixth round pick (ie general expectations were that he would probably never be better than a second tier player / back up) but has stepped in to the starting line-up and won two games so far with plays like this:
  1. Inspires fans to hire planes with banners like this:

  1. Is so much like Uncle Rico they did this:
  1. Has been nicknamed by his teammates “Jock Strap King” for his habit of ostentatiously stretching out his jockstrap before every game:
  1. Just look at him:

… AND :clap: I :clap: AM :clap: HERE :clap: FOR :clap: IT :clap:

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Sorry, Hygsy, I can see you’ve put a lot of care, attention and, dare I say it, love into this post. HOWEVER, it should be “Gardner Minshew II did x, y and z and I am here for it” not “I am here for Gardner Minshew II and then a bunch of bullshit”


I’m here for the good people of drowned in sound should you need any help or advice. xx

Fair point, I will resolve.

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Thank you x

Off to a band practice jam thing at this moment, that I will be there for