Are you "here for" anything at the minute?

I am here for lots of things.

Theres a mashup of aristocrats and lizzo and I am here for it

Fake tan. Got a taste of the real thing and now am here for it.

Cleaning. Totally here for it.

I just ate a cheese and pickle sandwich and I was there for it (?)

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This thread is going down the tubes and i’m here for it

Aristocats was the first film I ever saw in a cinema and I admire and fancy Lizzo but I am NOT here for that mashup.

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No problem, I have updated it accordingly.

Perfect. Thank you very much

How would you say you feel about the existence of Gardner Minshew II at this point?

Mildly irked I think maybe?


I was irked about NFL infiltration BUT it was nice to think of Uncle Rico

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  • Uncle Rico
  • Uncle Junior

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I refuse to vote on that!

  • Uncle Junior
  • Junior Senior

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What about Uncle Leo? Lot of good uncles about.

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Uncle Leo was an amusing cantankerous character on TV’s Seinfeld and I am so here for it