Are you large and in charge?

I’m 5’9" and a manager of a line.

Nah that’s Alan.

you’ll be line-managing 3D objects in no time


I am 6’2" and team leader of a mid-level crew

Yeah, everyone always says that, even people who have met me in real life think I’m taller. It’s my super power.


it must be because you are extremely #incharge

At 6’1 and 78kg I am lean and mean :muscle:

tall vibes

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I’m tall and in thrall

i mentioned to someone in work the other day that she was taller than me but it turns out shes the same height, i just slouch like a petulant child and she stands up straight like a grown up adult. decided she had much taller vibes than me

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I am not in charge but I used to be terrified of large marge

Single ladies, I am slender and tender :wink:

I’m very plain and bottom of the chain

Giant and defiant.

I’m a rake and heartache


Yeah I had you down as being tall, too.

I’m going to start throwing my weight about

I’m large and in charge and I’m here to say /
I’m big and my wig on my head will stay

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I have never considered your height.

I’m small and in freefall.