Are you meant to still only breathe through your nose even if you're outside and it's freezing?

Or are you allowed to open your mouth in those circumstances? It hurts breathing freezing cold air through your nose

Tough question from one of the most inquisitive minds of the community


I’d think that when it’s cold it’s even more of an imperative (to breathe in through your nose). So your nos tubes can warm that cold air before it gets to your lungs. OTOH you’re free to breathe how you wanna breathe.


But Touker Suleyman is keen to address what he sees as a potential flaw in the subscription offering

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Keep thinking about this and laughing

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I try not to inhale freezing air and wear a face mask, catch colds less that way

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Still remember my Instagram post from nov 2019 complaining about strangers on the tube staring at me for wearing a face mask