Are you monitoring anything at the minute?

Got anything you’re monitoring, friends?

Date expired food number on my food departments

Um, do my plants count!? I’m a wee bit worried about a couple of them.

I am monitoring my email account for a very important communication I expect to receive today.

This the sort of content you’re looking for Ant?

Sure they do! Godspeed to them.

Sure, why not?

Thanks, friend.

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I don’t really understand this but i hope it is successful?

I’m afraid we need more deets on this exciting communiqué.

Great stuff. Happy to have participated in this thread.

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We don’t NEED them, please be more polite.

loads of work things


Sorry J_I, going to have to abide by Ant’s statement up there^^^.

I’m required to go for a medical by my new employer and I need to know when that is, along with my start date.

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The status of 134 European patent applications.


Calorie consumption and my weight. Every single day.

That’s almost £47,000 of bunce! :money_with_wings: San Pellegrinos are on Epsi!

If I was a mod right now I’d ban you so hard.

They’re not my applications ffs.