Are you on a mobile phone contract?


if so, how much/what do you get etc/how long is the cuntract etc?

no contract here.


£8.40. 500 mins, 2.5gb data, unlimited texts.

Buy phone separately.


Nokia 3210?


this is a solid deal. assume it’s not a proper contract then? ie - you can flip at any time


Yeah. With 3? About a tenner a month? Enough data and shit I don’t have to worry about it. Maybe 12 months? I don’t know, my wife sorted it. Life’s too short to stress about these things.


12 months


Who are you with? That’s cheaper than mine


Not actually sure how much I’m paying which isn’t great is it, about £20 a month I reckon maybe?




i dunno i think its about £40
i get 10 GB of data tho so
iphone 5s


that’s a LOT of data. do you get anywhere near that?


Suppose so, technically, but it’s a one month rolling contract. £15 pcm for 4 GB data, 1000 minutes, unlimited texts. Reckon I could do better but cba researching it.



1 month rolling with Three: some minutes (I use about 5 per month), unlimited texts (maybe use 10 per month) and some data (no idea, I never go over it) + “feel at home” stuff which is pretty useful, pay a tenner a month



GiffGaff goodybags. 4GB 4G costs £15/m. Phone (Moto G4) cost me £150 the other week.




Yes. 10GB data, unlimited calls/texts (which I never use)

I’m on about month 15 of a 24 month contract; about £22 a month with a free Xperia Z3 Compact (was about £450 retail at the time I think).


giffgaff is great eh. GREAT


still on the same contract, it’s embarrassing


£60 a month, unlimited minutes, texts 20GB of data
They upgrade my phone every year


Feel at Home is great.

Also on Three, about 10-11 months left on the contract, iPhone 6. Pay £30 a month, get unlimited minutes and texts, 8GB of data. Barely use the texts anymore tbh, just the minutes and data.