Are you on the Twitters?

Can I follow you on the twitters?

The twitters.


1 Like babey! if i get to 1000 followers because of this thread i’ll start posting some good tweets

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Oh wait yes I’m here btw

Sure, @jimmydan. Did a good tweet about someone off gogglebox but otherwise slim pickings

Yes and yes

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Still disgusted that my best tweet got totally ignored

But here is mine, it isn’t very busy


Loving how 9 people have clicked on this link but only 1 has followed me, which means the rest all took a look at my tweets and decided against.

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I clicked but already follow <3


I clicked but my dumb computer isn’t playing ball and isn’t opening twitter, so a few might be that…

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Hey pal, we’re trying to stop using this word as it’s ableist.

Don’t really use it anymore though

I am, my twitterings are here:

mostly used to talk about games, streams I’m doing on the Twitch, retweeting my wife’s actually good tweets, and other stuff probably.

I’m and I don’t want to alarm anyone but there’s some shit hot content on there

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Haven’t tweeted in a year but you never know when I might start again

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Big fan of everyone’s social media names being totally different across multiple platforms to really confuse/keep me on my toes :smiley:

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whenever these threads come up on here, at least once I’ll go “oh that’s who that is?!?”


Ah - apologies. An honest mistake & thanks for calling out. What’s best - should I delete the post or leave it as a learning thing?

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