Are you on the Twitters?

Leave it up I think, good to have a reminder.

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I’ll be honest, I struggle with DiS alone a fair bit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Mostly shameless self promo and deciding which people need eating.

The rich!

Yes, that is where I generally land on the subject.

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nah fuck that shit

Going to be taking a hiatus if my timeline’s going to look like it does for the next two weeks, fucking hell. Wall to wall football dweebs.


Mine is my real name, I’ve just followed you.

And now we play… the waiting game.

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I’m on the Twitters…

Happy for anyone to give me a follow! I quite like interacting over there. :blush:

Protected account though, innit.

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Strongly considering binning it off soon but

The last two things you’ve shared have been really good so I’m following you.

Consider yourself followed.

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I have followed you all!

I should probably check my follower requests from time to time, shouldn’t I?

I assumed that I’d get a notification, but apparently not, so there’s some in there dating back a year or two. Oops.

Mostly just me spamming my music and music I like and occasionally trying to be funny.

I am but only in a work capacity. If it’s relevant pls follow though!!!

You can if you want yeah. X

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Can’t believe @xylo hasn’t followed me back yet.

Nice content though dude.


Mostly music, with a little bit of nfl and rugby league:

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