Are you one of those guys



when doing a chilli, curry etc…that creates a hole in the rice and chucks the curry into the hole when plating up? like a curry island, surrounded by rice sea, or something.

please tell me this IS NOT the case.

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My gf actually does the inverse of this. I don’t like it.


What kind of idiot does that?

Rice goes in a circle around the outside. Surely everyone knows that?

Rice is the mouth of the volcano and the curry is the delicious magma.


just google it man. pretty much every image dude


I just do side by side


hang on a sec

I’ve done this wrong

creates a hole in the rice! fuuuuck sorry!


me and you, mo…me and you


Like this you mean?

What the fuck is going on there?


Sub-thread: Pasta dishes

Do you:
A. plate the pasta and then add the sauce/meat/veggies/whatever on the top of it before serving, or;
B. add the sauce/meat/veggies/whatever to the saucepan containing the drained pasta and mix together before plating


not on your life




Oh right,

That is the correct way of doing it.


I done did it wrong man

forget it! forget everything!


C. It depends

Most pasta-ey things - yes. Spag bol - No


people in council estates up and down the land are toasting their Rockstars in agreement.

moo has it right. rice on one side, slops on the other


Rice in bowl first.

Chilli / curry etc dolloped on top. Mix at your leisure while eating.

Pasta gets mixed with sauce in cooking pot.


Did this layering arrangement yesterday:焼きカレー/


I do the inverse Silkz, hope this is ok


couple of times when I’ve been trying to impress I’ll press it into a wee mould so it looks a nice shape


I’ve edited for you so it’s the right way round and now everyone who replied looks like a fucking maniac.