Are you one of those people who needs to use a timer when cooking?


nah, me neither. for some reason, this post must be at least 20 characters.

there we go




nah. i don’t bake.

Wait MAYBE if i’m doing beef wellington


Nah, absolutely not mate, it should be all about instinct and taste and that. It’s why baking shows are boring and shit to watch whereas cooking shows are good and fun


Do you include using a clock and doing maths?


I do when poaching a egg.


I don’t think bird actually cares about this.


i always use a timer, because

  1. i’m pretty rubbish at telling when things are done
  2. the timer going off reminds me that i’ve actually started cooking something, as otherwise i’ll almost certainly forget

fyi i have a chicken shaped timer to make it more fun :chicken:


no, I really do man.


We have a penguin shaped one (NB I didn’t buy it) and I don’t like using it because I feel like I’m twisting his head off.


I tend to drink and cook, so I definitely use a timer even if it’s just to remind me that I’m meant to be cooking not drinking and playing Rocket League.


a steak takes ten minutes, max. why would you need a timer for such a short period of time?


Some of us aspire to do more with 10 minutes of our time than just stare at a slowly cooking piece of meat.


then you’re doing it wrong mate. a steak needs constant tending.

sorry bud


also, are you unable to guess around ten minutes in that head of yours?


replying to myself here. awesome


i mean i don’t need one


Yep, for just about everything. I even use a timer when making a cup of tea…


Worked out why the rest of don’t tend to bother yet?


who is this ‘rest of us’ that you talk about man?

let’s park this for ten minutes.