Are you open-minded about palmistry?

Well, ARE YOU?

More open-handed if anything.


No, I consider it to be unscientific mumbo jumbo. Provide me with peer reviewed papers to back things up and I might change my position.

I like when they pull a coin out from behind your ear


Why not, seems more believable than a thing in your head controlling everything you do.

At school did you ever see or do the palmistry joke

“can i read your palm”
“looks like it’s gonna rain” Spit in their hand


Yes, I am…unless my horoscope or tea leaves that day tells me not to believe in that crap.



Or get them to look really closely then whack their hand underneath so they hit themselves in the face

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I can’t force everyone to be tolerant of the beliefs of others.


I’m quite even handed about it.

I sleep on my back cause it’s good for the spine and coffin rehersal.
i know a psychic who reads her own palms and her findings are personal.
She keeps her fists shut tight and she sleeps on her side, well maybe she knows something i don’t know.

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Actually my one and only reading came from a (clearly bored) palmist in a May day fair when I was about 13, she told me I would die young in my early 50s in controversial circumstances. Las Vegas was her best guess, and that it would involve me trying to marry someone and either burning out or crashing a car in some way - but definitely flames involved. Fair to say it’s been fairly formative.


Palmistry? You gotta hand it to those guys! hahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

Haven’t listened to this record for ages and now I’ve put it on and it’s cheered me up a bit, thanks ma0sm, tha0sm.

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Guy read my palm in a bar in Bali once. Told me I would have a child by the end of the year. He was only a decade out.

He also told me I had the longest lifeline he had ever seen and that I might actually live forever. Would be really nice if he was right. Actually quite like being alive.

Bullshit tho

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Patsy Palmistry

How can your lifeline say you’ll live forever? Surely your palm is finite… Or is it?

Have no strong opposition to it, bunch of my woo friends are into it, and I don’t personally believe it but it’s quite nice and sensual to have somebody do it.

On of those things where if people can get comfort from it then im all for it but unfortunately, as with everything scumbags gonna scumbag and take advantage.

each to their own but this one isn’t for me thanks folks