Are you prepared to eat one of these?

  • Yes
  • No, not ripe enough
  • No, scared of bananas

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Probably about as ripe as I’d like a banana to be a though


Looks like a fine banana

This is the ideal banana. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like


Guarantee if I have one of these it’ll taste green. And you’ll all have blood on your hands.

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Underripe imo


I’ve eaten less ripe bananas this very week in fact

stop putting bananas in plastic ffs


Also probably wouldnt eat anymore ripe than this. These are ideal imo.

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Just had one, was awful, how can you eat bananas in that condition? Like eating a soft raw potato


If you can peel it, at all, it’s ripe enough imo

This is more like it



This reminds me I was on a bus once and I saw someone eat the greenest banana I’ve ever seen, and they opened it from the bottom.

Around the turn of the year I read an article about silly things you can do to cheer yourself up, one of which was “draw on a banana”. So I got a marker pen out and drew faces on all the bananas in the fruit bowl that Mrs F likes to have on her porridge. Only it turns out she likes to leave them to go all spotty before she uses them so the faces were all faded and obscured, and rather than being cheered up I ended up frustrated and feeling like I’d wasted my time. Thanks a bunch Stuart Heritage you wanker.

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sometimes they can be deceptively ripe when they look like that

I was wrong, and I can only apologise

Which superpower would you rather have

  • Flight
  • Go invisible
  • Identify perfect banana on sight every time

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(there’s a very small window between not ripe enough + too ripe)


Was expecting a picture of an ass tbh