Are you ready to die?



Len is. I think as I get older I can at least imagine getting to a point where I feel ready to die. Also I’ve got a bad back at the minute so that’s helping.

How would you like to die? I’d like to pass slowly and painlessly outside looking at the stars. Doubt I’ll get that like.


I think about this more often than I should. Think I probably am in terms of a lack of loose ends to tie up if that makes any sense. Not going to drop a load of debt on my wife and family. No longer a child so it won’t be seen as that tragic.


This will sound a lot worse than it is but I’m kind of indifferent to it I guess, I mean, I don’t want to die or anything but if it happens it’s not like it really matters is it.


It’s quite hard to come to terms with just not existing. Not even existing enough to feel bad for not existing.


On top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies.


lucky ladies


Hate thinking about death, can’t decide which is worse not existing or existing for infinite time, when I was a kid and thought the later was a possibility it really messed me up


Practically begging for it in some ways, but feel like I can’t because of the people who care about me. I had a frank conversation with my friend who said they feel the opposite, like they need to be out of the way and it’d just be better for everyone if they disappeared. Don’t know which one is harder.


When I die I’m going to turn in to an eagle, so it’s all good.


Yeah, fuck it, won’t have to work/think/emote anymore. Just make it quick, and I’m not good with blood,


Definitely not. And seeing as everyone else around me seems to be dying (well, two people), it’d be really awful timing. (Having said all that, I have sensible stuff in place like term assurance and life assurance, and I’m not in debt, so the CCBs wouldn’t be left impoverished).


Doesn’t matter if you’re ready or not, does it.



You were all thinking it




i reckon ‘not waking up from anaesthesia’ would be the ideal way to go. touch wood i won’t regret saying that


me too!


Been somewhat depressingly thinking about this a lot recently as a friend of the family, aged 40, has been diagnosed with cancer and has been told there’s nothing more they can do. The thought of knowing my time is almost up absolutely terrifies me – if I get hit by a car and die instantly, no bother. Quite frequently have “Isn’t it mad that everyone dies” thoughts too.

Happy hump day everyone!


I remember age 10 or so thinking it was the bleakest thought that had ever occurred to anyone and that I better not tell anyone else in case I infected them with the bleakness


On loads of heroin.


Have huge FOMO about missing something really significant happening. So not really