Are you scared of electricity?

Like my wife unplugging my phone as soon as I am asleep. Also the kettle and the TV and the toaster. Everything other than the router and the fridge.

Or are you really brave with electricity like the heroic @ma0sm?

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I’m on a call and typed this on my phone while someone us VNCed into my machine so you better be grateful maoism

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I believe I have an appropriate amount of fear/respect for electricity.


Have you ever been electrocuted?

  • Yes
  • No

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I touched an electric fence while trying to see some horses when I was a kid. Felt like my whole body had been punched at once.


Actually se just flips the switch off on most of them but unplugs the coffee machine. Maybe just to piss me off as I am the only person who uses that.

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I think the TV footage of Live Earth years ago drilled into me the idea that it’s good to turn off plugs after use to help the environment.

Since been told the impact is fairly minimal but might as well keep doing it as it makes me feel like I’m helping.

That is for things with standby isn’t it? Not kettles and toasters.

My mum once cut through a live wire with a pair of scissors while it was connected to the mains (we both thought it was disconnected). It blew a big hole out of the scissor blades. Good thing the scissors had a rubber handle, eh.

My parents do this, drives me fucking mad. They turn the wifi router off at night too, what the fuck.


I used to really enjoy touching electric fences as a kid. Felt like a ball of electricity going up your arm. I think the impact isn’t as bad when you’re really young?

Have accidentally touched one when older and it was more unpleasant

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I genuinely don’t think you’ve lived until you’ve had a shock off the mains. That shit changes you.

(Just make sure you’re not up a ladder when it happens)


Yeah I leave those on

Your first line would be a good way to start a voiceover in a quirky indie film.


Very weirdly scared of static shocks. They don’t hurt that much and they don’t happen that often but I will go to daft lengths to avoid touching metal door handles, lift buttons etc. directly

I’ve only done it the once, grabbed it with both hands at the same time.

I switch pretty much everything off if I’m not using it, including the kettle, toaster and oven. Don’t charge anything overnight either.

Will leave the router on, and occasionally I’ll leave the dehumidifier on a timer if I’m drying clothes.

I’m more likely to turn something off at the socket because the transformer hum is annoying me than out of some misplaced fear that the electrons are going to get me in the night

Yeah we have dehumidifier battles in the winter. You can’t complain about damp and then not want the dehumidifier on overnight!

I got picked up by my parents after a night out and was steaming. Asked them to stop on the drive home as I thought I was going to chunder. They stopped by an electric fence. I did that thing where you lean over whilst holding onto something. That something was the electric fence. Nice shock through my arms. As I’d jerked backwards very quickly in a pissed state, I thought I was going to fall over, and quickly reached out to balance myself, once again holding onto the electric fence. I did this four times. What a spanner.