Are you sitting comfortably?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t know

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Kind of.

I bet some of you might be standing up or laying down instead

I am standing up, which in a way is sitting down comfortably, but in some ways it isn’t.

I’m laying down instead.

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Got a sore back

I bet you have you dirty old bollocks

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I’m lying on my side propped up on one elbow, relatively comfortable, thanks for asking

Sounds sexy?

You seem unsure

If you were a doctor and you said that, I’d have your badge

Oh yeah, sorry. Sounds SEXY!

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If I’m a doctor I think we’ve all got bigger problems than that, mate :wink:

I’d let you examine me anytime.

In a taxi so it’s like I’m comfortable you know except I’m not comfortable with the whole ordeal of being in a taxi therefore I vote I don’t know okay

I hope your destination brings you more joy than your journey


I’m laying down

Sounds like someone would love to book an appointment or two!

No my spine is the devil’s rollercoaster


Hi laying down, I’m Ant