Are you smarter than an Architect?



Well, are you?


a diamond? Probably not idk


I see what the approach would be but my 3D spatial reasoning is appallingly bad so I can’t figure out the answer.

It’s something you have to do in organic chemistry and I could never do it. I had to make up heuristics and follow those instead of mentally manipulating molecules.


Just googled and I can’t find an answer (search brought the article up) so please can you put it in a spoiler? Thanks!


Yes, I am.


couple of my m7s are architects, and I can safely say I’m a lot smarter than them without having to do this puzzle.



Alright David Gilmour.


I suppose years of 3D animation/modelling helped me with this. That and I’m just good and shit and all that.


Please don’t be jealous of my smarts.


Not quite.

(that shape wouldn’t pass through the triangular hole)


i should be able to do it but i’m struggling


i’m smarter than an architect but i don’t have to prove it.


For some reason I seem to know a disproportionately large amount of architects. And I’m yet to meet an architect I don’t like. As a professional group, they’re probably the nicest bunch.




Yes it fucking would.


I think I can see it in my head.





What’s happening on the left hand side of the triangle?

Is that a dome coming out?

(I can’t really tell from your drawing)