Are you supposed to tell the dry cleaner that there might be some puke on the coat?


Because I didn’t…


Depends if there’s some puke on the coat


If they are a professional they will clean every part of the coat anyway


They’ll find it soon enough when they empty out the pockets.


minimal amounts


He didn’t look like a pro but I think they send them away.


I’ll level with you Lonzy, I don’t really understand the dry cleaning process


Slap bass?


Clue’s in the name.

  • I don’t know how dry cleaning works
  • I have a decent knowledge of the general way dry cleaning works
  • I own a dry cleaning factory

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More solvents than substance.


Mug’s game, isn’t it? Unless someone pukes on your coat.


Do you remember that freeze spray that you use to get chewing gum out of a carpet or whatever?


Good night in Aldershot Wetherspoons?


You’ll learn soon enough! Got called into school early and then had a full projectile all over the back seats (where I keep my coat!) on the two minute drive home.

Fortunately we have a blood/puke split in duties so my wife leaned it all up.



Sounds like a lovely time was had by all


i’ve already told my best (also only) dry cleaning anecdote on here, but fuck it, have it again.