Are you using the Discourse app?

It’s available for iOS and Android

I’m really liking it and only discovered it yesterday

It’s the 4th element down on here Discourse features | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

Of course I’m not!


yeah it’s good innit

Didn’t even know it existed

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Looks like it’s been in the App Store for 3 years. I never thought to look for it.

Works well and I suspect really great if you’re involved in lots of Discourse boards.

Need to dial down the notifications.

Also easier to do quote replies than in safari since they ‘upgraded iOS’ I’ve had an issue with it

The reviews on the Play Store for Android are pretty unfavourable. They frequently suggest it just opens the forum in chrome?

That’s odd. Are those current issues? I’m an Apple wanker so can’t test.

There’s a four star review from September then the next most recent reviews are all a bit older but with similar criticisms. Quite possible that’s something’s changed and they just aren’t getting the review volumes to show that.

Just installed the Android app. Literally is nothing but a place to bookmark Discourse sites so you can then open them in your phone’s default browser.

I can see most of the reviews are 1* but fascinated that some people gave it 3*. Absolutely useless.

Odd. The Apple App is all self contained. A shame it isn’t better on Android - worth raising on their forums? Might be one of those projects they’ve deprioritised.

There’s an option in the settings to override it and use the inbuilt browser, but even that browser isn’t specific to the app, and doesn’t work nicely with things like LastPass.

Does the iOS one actually have any functionality or features that are specific to the app or aren’t available elsewhere?

I think a Discourse app is a bad idea anyway. Their traffic would continue to be mostly browser based and so bug fixes and development time would prioritise that first. It feels like it’s something no-one asked for that adds no new functionality. The mobile browser experience is incredibly rich and I’ve never thought that a separate app would be necessary.

Of course, I’m happy to be proved wrong, but the feature which is there seems like it’d be more useful for a Discourse employee than anyone else, so I don’t think that’ll be the case.

used to use it but stopped. can’t remember why.

The main upside for me is notifications when someone replies or DMs.

Plus I’m finding Safari a little buggy - like can’t seem quote reply people.

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