Are you wasted in life?

I do pretty mindless work (that somehow other people find hard) but reckon I’m pretty wasted. Not that I’m especially talented, just more creative than the work allows.
Means I spend all my days on the web instead.
Oh well thirty more years of thankless toil and then I can die or something.



Only at the weekends!!


so in the weekdays you are fulfilled?

My organs could probably be put to better use in other people


My encyclopaedic knowledge of good Netrunner cards certainly isn’t getting much use while I’m amending this patent application to include the appropriate SI units, that’s for darn sure.

Yep …almost 98% unfulfilled potential

And that’s on a good day

probably the opposite tbh. I’m quite a stupid person.

Reckon i’d be suited to work at a garden centre or something like that. lots of heavy lifting / nice green sweater.


i’m quite bad at everything so …yes? or no

Hard to say. Got no major qualifications, zero motivation and not creative in any real way, but seem to have quite a lot of common sense. Kind of feel like i’ve spent my entire…28 years just doing Tim from The Office faces and drinking heavily to stop the fuzzy hum at the back of my head some other people might confuse for ambition.


Not at work I don’t think. Current job is decent and varied and has a positive consequence (charity ain’t it) so that’s ok.

Really should do more outside of work though, that’s the problem.

You’ve been working since you were minus 1?

err you’re not quite a stupid person

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I’d literally love a job like that. I used to work at B&Q and there were loads of retirees topping up their pensions working there. That is my end-game. Just pottering around selling wood and fireplaces and so on. Lovely.


life is wasted on me

Doesn’t even make it to stupid person. Harsh.


seemed to have booted over this open goal quite spectacularly here lonzo but I appreciate the contribution

Job wise I deserve everything I have and nothing more as I’m not clever or motivated.

There are shitter people everywhere who are doing better though which irks a bit.

I reckon I’d be really good at making EastEnders episodes but they won’t let me on the set.

oh aye

You were trying to comfort the idiot, you big softy.