Are you working class, middle class or ... what?

Convincing a certain strata of the working class that they’re actually middle class by virtue of them working in an office and liking a bit of classical music and foreign films is one of the greatest tricks the establishment has played on the workers.

Classic divide and rule strategy.


But you do have Airdrie on your side :wink:

Airdrie was aspirational for my grandad, they lived in Plains!


That needlessly defensive opening gambit is a sure sign of middle class :wink:
Welcome to the club!

I have literally no idea - most people would probably think I’m middle class but I always feel I’m not one of them around my middle class mates but equally not really one of them around my working class friends & family. Feel most at home around friends who have immigrant background (like me) and have some kind of tough working class values in their upbringing combined with some of the material trappings associated with middle classness (though that’s kinda hard to define)

it’s just a really weird concept all round isn’t it?

don’t really agree with @hip_young_gunslinger & @anon30627475’s definition there either - that’s a definition of the difference between wage labourers & capitalists not any kind of class boundary - I know plenty of working class capitalists (though admittedly fewer 100% wage-reliant proper middle class types)

Except that there are upper class people who barely have any money. Their homes are scruffy but with old stuff that was expensive when purchased new fifty or a hundred years ago. They have a large house of 15 or more rooms but live in just three rooms. I know someone who is The Right Hon whatever but who works in a pub to make money to live on, on top of her student loan, while at university. So it’s not quite so simple as money or no money.

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Class is all a load of bullshit anyway isn’t it?

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But this is what I’m talking about when I say our current notions of class revolve entirely around simple signifiers. They’ve got a title, wear tweed, say loo instead of toilet… doesn’t matter, if your precarious existence is subject to the whims of your bosses, welcome to the revolution comrade.

It will be when capitalism is smashed.


Always fascinated by people like that. Live like paupers but manage to pay the heating bill by selling an antique blunderbuss or something.




We are all working class

But I’m more working class than any of you

It is, but it’s crazy how much your class, or perceived class, can affect you day to day.


Hark at the príncipe del norte de España


remember asking my dad when i was a kid what we were and he said ‘upper middle’ which i just accepted at the time but dunno what he was on about. he worked on the railway and my mum worked in a call centre. we lived in a council house, don’t think my parents ever had about more than 500 quid to their name.

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well, it offers historical & sociological insight

but given how arbitrary & transitory it is then yeah, its functions are limited and it can be/is a confusing designation

then again maybe I just don’t self-identify with any of it because I’m a product & continuum of the arbitrary/transitory class ?

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bourgeois pig

Arbitrary/Transitory Class Hero

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…is something to be