Argos: It’s Lovely

You use it? Sometimes? Never?

Ignored its existence for years but in efforts to Amazon less it’s become a staple in my life now.

Will be full irked if they ever tank


When i need something urently and dont want to worry about not having items in stock i use em as i like being able to reserve stock so easily.

Same day delivery when im impatient too


Quite regularly

Because of this.

Enjoy the ability to search on the website and reserve for instore collection, basically faff free shopping.

They’re also good at delivery to yr home / some local Sainsburys

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There’s one in my local Sainsburys and we occasionally use it. Last bought a USB stick there iirc. Main issue is we do tend to use Amazon, and also lots of what I might get at Argos are just on sale in Sainsburys for a similar or lower price.

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Use it on occassion. The search function on the wee screens is fucking terrible.

Dont use their tablets use ur phone! Buy the thing on the way to the store then collect it

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Theyre the same company as Sainsbury*

Double pendant BOOM

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Wait are they sainsburys? Da fuck

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Then what store am i thinking of?

yeah going to use it for a birthday present this week, its across the street from me and Argos cards are helpful

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Yeah this.

Never actually use their little screens. Just buy online while walking to said place. Same day joy and they have a postcode-check search function so you only see what’s in the local store

Decent until you find an item that you want is unavailable for delivery or collection from any stores at all. Why’s it on your website then, m8s?

Use the postcode function to avoid being irked

I only ever really use it last minute when I realise that you can’t really find pretty basic household type stuff on the high street these days, but should probably do what you’re suggesting in future.

Yeah i usually default to argos forst because i like just knowing its ready for me then go to other stores if its not in stock via the app/site at my local branch

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I think Argos is a laugh but I was always #TeamIndex as a kid


Woah you were the one guy!

Booooooo not a magic warwhouse just a warehouse

Got a steam mop delivered the same day from them once. What a great day.

Now I’m annoyed that they sell things post code dependant Was after some plates and bowls that I could only get from there but no, I couldn’t get them from there once I put my post code in. What is this nonsense? Understand them not having things in some locations but not them refusing to mail them out from where they do have them. Irked me that. Argos, we’re through.


Oh wait I didn’t know they did THAT. That’s annoying as hell

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