Arguing with conspiracy theorists


Some friend of a friend on Facebook (mate, I’m not even on Facebook!) posted some “academic” article about 9/11, which, to cut a long story short, said “Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” etc. Time was, I’d chuckle and move on, but I’m really fucking sick of idiots at the moment (thanks, Brexit!) so I had a go at him, now we’re in a fucking back and forth. He thinks he’s so fucking smart, and I just want to reach through the screen and punch his fucking face. I know for my own sanity there’s no point carrying this on, but I can’t look away. How do I find peace?

PS I think I might be having a breakdown of sorts.


By engaging with him you’ve already lost.


Are you arguing that jet fuel CAN melt steel beams, then? Doesn’t that make YOU the conspiracy nut?


go for a walk and ignore the cunt


Tell him you will pray for him and leave it at that


Your fault for being Facebook friends with moker


*on facebook


explain building 7 then, smartarse.



Problem is, he’s going to be all buffed up on this and unless you’re already buffed up on it or prepared to spend a load time on it then you might just have to leave it.

I’ve never heard you sound so aggressive on here before, remember you’re a decent sort and look after yourself.


Never argue with idiots. They’ll always win on experience.


Come back at him with an even more outlandish conspiracy theory and suggest that he’s the sheep as he believes the spoon fed conspiracy theory


Go easy on him. They last guy I saw posting ‘9/11 was an inside job’ stuff on FB had a massive breakdown a few months later.


Someone already (apparently seriously) told him that THERE WERE NO PLANES, and this dude was like “There were planes, they just didn’t bring down the towers”. SO RATIONAL.


I tried to point out how nonsensical was that he saw a single, widely discredited academic article as definitive proof, and gave him three that opposed it, but god knows if he’ll even look at them.


have you accidentally befriended mmm_danone on facebook?


I can happily ignore him because he’s merrily trolling. This guy is really fucking into it.


It’s fascinating how people get into conspiracy theories despite vast amounts of evidence to the contrary.

My favourite are the flat earthers, the most pointless and baffling of all. You want to think the government faked 9/11 or whatever for some sinister reason, sure, but why would anyone try and make people think the World was round when it’s actually flat?


have you explained how science works, yet?

just drop him with a sassy rejoinder and get out of there.


Paging @mmm_danone