Arguing with your other half

I much prefer no bickering and not arguing than bickering and arguing, I wouldn’t care if it’s unhealthy.

It’s weird, I’m a really passive person but when I lose my temper I just fucking lose it and can’t control myself.

I do not wish to argue with you about this.

Yes. Less than we used to, which is good, but I guess we’ve both been tired and stressed so there have been more arguments in the past months or so. I think we’re better these days at actually resolving them rather than staying pissed off or internalising stuff.

are we going out together now?

Hardly ever, but are both generally straightforward about stuff that annoys us. We listen to each other, give the other a chance for rebuttal and then come to a compromise or understanding and are open enough to admit fault.

Genuinely the easiest I’ve ever had. Former relationships were not so easy going. One of my exes looked for an argument almost daily (and also admitted she saw it as a sign of passion) needless to say that did not last too long.

I believe the traditional form is “Dinner?”