Ariel Pink (#ssp c/w physical/sexual abuse allegations)

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That single is really good. Can’t get enough of it.

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Oh YES!! Dead excited for this. Did anyone else check out that EP with Weyes Blood released earlier in the year?

Really dig this, has quite a gritty post-punk edge to it but morphs more into one of the synthy pop songs that the last album had. Very optimistic stuff. Also reminds me of Video Killed the Radio Star for some reason.

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Yeah I can hear a Buggles styled vocal delivery too; poking out amongst this glorious fuzzed out sprawl!

This is a song of the year for me on first listen.

This is shaping up to be the best album of the year. There is a leak out there atm but it’s 196KBPS so I’ve given it a wide berth. Preordered the deluxe version like a loon.


Taking a little while for this album to reveal itself. The singles are the immediate standouts but I’m sure I’ll pick up on all the little subtleties in time.

Yeah same. Another Weekend is probably my favourite track of the year (Cut to the Feeling probably beats it), reminds me of If You’re Going To San Francisco by Scott McKenzie for some reason. But the rest of the album is just a bit too wacky for me to get behind. Will keep listening though, it might grow on me.

I think the wackiness has been pretty dialed down in comparison to Pom Pom. It’s a bit more focused but not sure the song writing is as good.

Fair comment. I’m liking the Dam Funk track though.

Think this might be my AOTM

I never much cared for him and didn’t get the P4K buzz, but this has grabbed me right away. Hugely appealing


I’ve been largely indifferent to Ariel Pink but this new album is great.

Bubblegum Dreams <3

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It’s ace from start to finish! Definitely feels like his most ‘mellow’ release to date. So many catchy tracks; Beyond the singles, other personal highlights include the title track, Bubblegum Dreams and Do Yourself a Favour. It’s all gold though!

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Recently discovered Ariel’s 7’ collaboration with Jorge Elbrecht and it’s just too lush for words.

‘Hang on to Life’ is pure heaven :heart_eyes: