Ariel Pink (#ssp c/w physical/sexual abuse allegations)

Jesus, saw this thread and thought was facing some allegations.

He sorta is…

He is. Apparently at a recent show he acted violently towards his gf. She then may have showed up in a John Maus forum and said it was just performance art, but multiple ppl at the show said it was very uncomfortable.

There are also rumours of him being very very creepy everywhere.

He’s always been a provocateur, cultivating an image that creates a reaction, either good or bad. I personally take it with a pinch of salt.

I mean, during the publicity for Pom Pom he was saying in interviews things like ‘I’m a misogynist’ and ‘racism should be made legal’. He says/does things to get people’s attention. Whether that attention is favourable or not is irrelevant to him.

This man is in his mid-forties


Quasi apology

whole thing is really odd, and I have a bad feeling about it all

London and Manchester dates announced for August

I’m tempted to go to the Heaven show but the more I listened to the last album, the more I disliked it.

Still, he’s great live. Might go…

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Posting this for posterity:

Ariel Pink and John Maus were apparently part of the pro-Trump Capitol Hill rally yesterday. Fuck them both.


Was listening to pom pom just yesterday! Madness. Always knew he was a weirdo and if I had to guess probably had alt-right beliefs but it’s crazy seeing him in there with the stupidest people in the world.

The signs were always there.

What a weedy little drip

Funny - was saying to someone in a chat the other day that people need to stop excusing hi behaviour as attention seeking and that by allowing it that it would only be a matter of time before he goes ‘all-in’

Don’t know who maus is but not gonna listen to Ariel Pink again! What a weasel!

Sadly he’s made some wonderful records, and I was just about to start recommending one in particular but actually now I won’t bother.

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Particularly odd with Maus, seeing as this is very out of character / he’s previously been pretty openly far left and has a doctorate in political science and everything

This is… bizarre. More so with Maus, as @manches notes. Either way, they can fuck right off.



I think the juries still out with Maus. Some arent sure why the fuck he was there - some seem to think he was just spectating. But whol the fuck knows these days cant be sure of shit

Ariel Pink its very much in line with his character