Aromatherapy and diffusers

I bought a diffuser about two weeks before lockdown, and it’s been a godsend.

This is my current fave.

You into it? Fave blends? Suggestions?

I’ve got quite into insence recently


Haha also same!!


We’ve got diffusers and incense, loving all the various scents going on. One of my favourite smells ever is having some incense burning during a summer downpour.

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So YOU’RE the one that’s been messing up the pornhub algorithms for the rest of us!

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I’ve got a reed diffuser in my room. 'er indoors got me a couple of pretty large bottles of stuff for it at Christmas that I’ve only just got through.

Hated them. Didn’t have the heart to tell her after she said she’d spent ages in J Lews sniffing all of them to find ones she’d think I like.

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This is the absolute peak of reed diffusers imo:

I used to love these cotton scented room drops (no idea what they’re called, probably meant for a diffuser, I just occasionally flailed the small bottle around the room and enjoyed the cottony smell)

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We have this one, from a range we sell at work. It’s nice

this is one of the things I want to get into when I move house

Should have clarified mine is a boujee electric mist diffuser thing

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Forgot we’ve also got some sticks of palo santo, which is really nice too

We often have an incense stick on the go in the kitchen. Usually patchouli, because we are dreadful hippies.

We have an electric diffuser thing as well. It pumps out something that is supposed to calm dogs, and we use it when there’s thunderstorms or on fireworks night etc. It really works, where she would have gone berserk she’ll just lay on her bed, happily stoned and oblivious.

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Love a reed diffuser

But I wish shops would sell more refill bottles. Are they really expecting us to get a whole new fancy bottle and sticks etc every fucking time? you can get a load of the sticks online for not very much, and you can get refills too. But I want to be able to go in the shop and do some sniffing

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This one is my jam

can’t put it on during the day as it makes me sooooo sleepy. I use a little oil burner thing.

In my boujee fancy one i put olbas oil. I love the smell and need it to breathe at night sometimes.

anyone use a pillow spray? my wife uses one and she got me one for Father’s Day and I tried it last night… felt like an anesthetic my eyes went so heavy!

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Yes!! This Works.

@meowington I use women’s balance


i love to burn incense.

nag champa sort of guy

Loved palo santo in our apartment, but then read a) it’s an endangered tree now and b) apparently it’s not great for the cat - so now our apartment has the general aroma of stale air and cat shit. Not relaxing.

the TV does have a pretty badass pillow spray which we’ve been using a bit though, can’t get enough of that