Arranged overdraft interest going up to 39.5% in March

Wtf. That’s going to cripple me.

Can’t remember the last time I was out of my overdraft. Years.

Are you in an overdraft?

  • Yes and I can’t wait to pay 39.5% interest on it
  • No

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That is absolutely appalling tho, total criminals


Shocking. Fucking scandalous.


Oh no.

19.5% here. thought that was bad enough.

not been out of it since I got it (2008).

last year I paid about 600 pounds just to have a bank account and overdraft.

That’s mine currently, HSBC. Most of the banks are going to 39.9% in March/April.

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39.9 not 39.5

I’m not allowed one apparently thanks bank

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Natwest are too, I got some email, it’s because they can’t charge flat fees anymore I think?

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Genuinely pretty angry about this - total cunts.

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How the fuck is this legal?

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FFS. This is seriously going to make life even harder than it already is. How is it ok to punish poor people like this?!


This is it

So instead of £6+% it’ll just be %. But higher %. Because banks always win. Even when they’re appallingly run and have to be nationalised.

The only reason I don’t have an overdraft is because I’m such a credit risk because of my horrible debts. Feeling it for you all though, as a person who has cash woes I know how it feels, and that’s just robbery on the part of the banks. Hideous

Honestly for the best, it’s just a con job. I’ve probably paid thousands of pounds to be a thousand in debt.


I hate banks. Get bailed out by the tax payer if they fuck up. If Joe Bloggs fuck up in anyway they get shafted.

I saw this too but then read this article which said it means you pay slightly less and now I’m confused.

Interest calculator on Barclays website also says I’d currently pay £2 less per month based on my current situ

Reckon if we’ve learned anything, it’s that the banks require more money.

Might just sell everything I own, declare bankruptcy and go and live in the woods or something.

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