Arrested Development S4


I’ve been revisiting season 4 of AD after the 5th season was announced. Having been really disappointed with it when it first came out it’s a lot better than I remember it being. It’s still very flawed but has some great stuff in it - the Buster episode is brilliant. The wall for the Mexican border stuff also feels pretty apt these days…


yeah, i thought it was ironic that the ‘build the wall’ politician character actually seems a lot smarter and more down to earth than the guy they ended up with in real life


It does get better as it goes on I think, but it’s definitely the weakest season by some distance.


Would it be unpopular to suggest that the writing for series 3 wasn’t any better than for series 4, but was aided by some snappier editing? :zipper_mouth_face:


Gave up on it, it waa rubbish and the format didnt work


Ron Howard tweeted that he was recording lines for a re-edited version that structured more like the old episodes, but that was years ago and they’ve never been released. With season five now being filmed (!) I really hope those edits see the light of day.


Quite liked s4 tbh. Brilliant show.


It’s not terrible but having such an amazing ensemble cast and keeping them apart for the majority of it was nuts. I know they had to do it because of everyone’s filming schedules but if they couldn’t do it right they shouldn’t have done it at all.