Arrested Development


4th series sucked but so did half of the 3rd as well. I hope they get it back for this season but I’m not going to hold my breath.


Let’s not forget how amazing it had been :raised_hands:t2:


mate i didn’t finish the 1st season


I think the good bits of the show faaaar outweigh the shit ones. Was actually crying the first time I saw this


I wonder when it will be released.


First 3 series are pure gold obviously :smiley:


sneaks in to defend the fourth season

It’s definitely not as good as the first three seasons are, and sometimes it relies too much on callbacks, but I really like season 4 (considering the obvious difficulties of putting it together). I’ll not hear a word said against the whole Fakeblock reveal, either.


Really hoping that this means the re-edit of the fourth season, where it was changed to be more like earlier episodes with multiple character arcs per episode, finally gets released.


Think George Michael story was quite good S4.

I remember thinking the main issue was that some of the new characters were in it too much and just not funny. I think this was because each episode was focused on one character they didn’t have/ weren’t given as much interaction with the main cast.

Also the stories were too drawn out and again not very funny.

But yeah apart from the bad characters and unfunny, drawn out storylines and lack of actual comedy it was OK.


I’ve tried so many times to watch it, and I just… don’t get it


Season 4 was pretty poor, though the whole thing about George Michael and the sex offenders was hilarious. And Tobias’ Fantastic Four musical.

Also, Portia del Rossi’s Botox face in season 4 :frowning:


Shit, I’d totally forgotten about that. Guess that’s not easily reversed. It’s genuinely quite terrifying.


I genuinely thought they’d got someone else to replace her at first


Re-watching series 4 at the moment - some bits are still very good, mostly with Gob and Tobias. Hasn’t been much of George Michael thus far.

There’s an awful lot of filler though and it’s massively disjointed for reasons discussed up-thread.

I’m hoping they’ve learned the lessons from series 4, it would be a crying shame for the show to fall off a cliff after the first 3 were nigh on impeccable.


This was the worst part of S4 for me - as you say, rather than the straight guy who was trying his best to keep the family together while surrounded by oblivious self-centred idiots, he was suddenly the oblivious self-centred dick himself and without any of the endearing quirks the rest of the family have. Reminds me a lot of the change in Homer Simpson.


i really liked season 4, got better as it went on, and more and more bits started fitting together. it was weaker than the first 3, though, just cause the case works a lot better when theyre not split up



tl;dr - Season four remix available on Friday



He’s not tricking me into watching s4 again.


Arrested Development… developments.


Narrator: He was.