Arrested Development


So the remix is going to be 22 episodes? I didn’t hate s4 but found 15 to be a slog. Not sure whether I can commit myself to that.


I read it as more episodes, but of normal (i.e. 21 minute) length, meaning little/no new footage.

So long as I can get past Portia de Rossi looking weird, I’m totally on board.


Oh, I thought they’d been 22 mins anyway. Maybe that’s why it was a slog.


Most of them were 25-30. A few were above. I think one was nearly 40 minutes.


I will watch the remixed series because there’s not much better on Netflix I haven’t seen anyway


yes please


that’s cool, I didn’t hate season 4 as much as most so I’d be excited to see a re-edited version


Never bothered starting s4. Not going to now. Can someone give me the key plot points so I know what’s going on in s5


just eat the damn orange



fine. The major plot is Michael has to get the Bluth’s rights to make a movie about his life and family which he did, so I’m guessing this series will be making of the said movie (also wasn’t s5 supposed to be a movie at some point?), meanwhile Lucille 2 was in a freak accident/murder mystery on Cinco de Cuatro, everyone else gets up to various japes, the end. iirc I dunno, i’ll need to watch this remix version like you should


4 started badly but the last handful of episodes were really great, all the build up paid off. Definitely interested in the remix though,


Dunno, I absolutely love that first Michael episode but aye the Lindsay and George Snr ones aren’t great… The four way vote gag gets me every single time!


i never rewatched season 4 (whereas i’ve watched the first 3 dozens of times) so this is a good excuse to finally do it. good timing as well as i’m currently on my third Netflix free trial.


the Gob episodes were great, i’ve forgotten most of the rest


this is still a great joke


Both of his were ace along with the Maeby’s, George Michael’s, Tobias’ and Buster’s episodes. It’s not perfect but there’s so much great material in season four, it’s a shame that it’s a bit under appreciated…


Giving the remixed episodes a go. Did not clock just how horrific the green screen was before:


I thought the remix would be available alongside the original season 4, but it looks like it’s replaced it entirely (on my netflix menu, at least). They must be confident that it’s turned out alright.


Apparently the original is still available in the trailers section.