Arrested Development


Look at trailer DiS

Actually looks ok


Was s4 the one where Michael goes off to live in GMs dorm at college? Or was that s3?


Think that’s S4


It’s S4. S3 was Michael dating Charlize Theron’s character


That was s3? The silly english spy bullshit? I had that down as s1 :laughing:


properly chuckled at the

“it’s the bluth family of the year prize, we’re voting for ourselves!”
“yeah I still don’t think we’d even win that”



Actually really enjoyed the remixed Season 4 - they’ve diluted the boring George Sr. and Lindsay stuff among the better storylines, like honeydew in a fruit salad.

Still not a patch on 1 - 3, but definitely worth a rewatch.


We always say, “Family first.” That what we always say, we stand by it because we always say it and that’s why we deserve this award.

We’re a family of Milford men, philanthropists, magicians (NOT CLOWNS), scholars, pan-sexual bazaar performers, Army veterans, and most importantly, a family that loves family. Even sometimes their own! Here are more reasons why we’re better than all the other families in the world:

  • Built sturdy, one of a kind homes
  • Opened banana stand
  • Saved the wetlands
  • Maintained a close, intimate, strictly professional relationship with Tony Wonder
  • Served in Army

It cheapens it when you have to list it all out like this. We’ve done a lot we are proud of as a family. We’re a good family. Nay, a great family. And as the givers of this award, we know we’re making the right decision. The Bluths are the best!


Tried to watch s04e01(remix) and it was an information overload and incredibly confusing. Do not want


Did exactly the same last night. Was planning to binge a load of episodes last night but couldn’t do more than one.


I also started watching season 4 remix last night (didn’t particularly enjoy the original season 4, but loved everything else). It’s better, but there are too many cheap throwbacks to previous things (loose seals, re-worked jokes). I get that they’re playing to the fans, but it’s just too much.


I’m about halfway through the remix. Most of my time is spent thinking…

…because it is better, but there’s still the dodgy green screen bits, the characters are still in their own solo stories rather than interacting with each other, and this new edit has so much repetition.

Episode 11 or 12 has a catching-up montage at the start of the episode which meant it was six minutes before the credits sequence started. Six minutes of footage and story we know, often because it’s appeared multiple times in previous episodes. Then there’s fifteen minutes of new stuff, which even then is interspersed with stuff we’ve seen.

Best of a bad situation. And it is making the new jokes much funnier.


I’m nearly at the end of the remix, it is better but doesn’t seem like it’s building towards something, can’t remember but thought originally the cinco de mayo stuff ran through the whole thing. Still weird they even made it without getting the cast together, should have waited


That’s fair. But then the original edit of series four ended with George Michael punching his father, which was funny but not really the cliffhanger that the story was selling.


Slowly working through the remix - like everyone else had said - it’s better but still kind of rubbish

Pity as it has some good stuff in it - but it’s just a bit of a mess really


I didn’t like where Michael’s character went. He used to be the straight guy, now he’s just a pathetic joke of a man.


i’d just like to say that i had a dream last night in which i attempted to explain the fourth season to my sister


Apparently 29th May will have the first 8 episodes of season 5, but the remaining episodes won’t be out until a later date.


Absolutely hate this approach. They’re doing it for Kimmy Schmidt too.


Not got to S4 Remix yet, but have been binge-watching 1-3 with the TV (who’s never seen it). There’s some proper bobbins bits isn’t there? Mr H, hotel coolbox, third example etc. Quite enjoyed the original S4, will dive in over the weekend.