Anyone else really excited to see this? Rarely get to the cinema but booked the afternoon off on Monday to watch this with the missus while the kids are at nursery.

100% on RT, amazing reviews all around, and just looks and sounds superb.

Going to see it tonight

yes. will see it at some point over the weekend.

Yes looks great, probably wont get the chance to see it until it is available on HOME THEATER though

is this hard scifi or something more like Interstellar?

Seeing it for free on Sunday with the tin lid, and housemate - innit.

probably my favourite ABBA album tbh


Feel like I’ve seen it before.

The trailer’s been out for a while?

It looks a lot like Contact.

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Kermode has passed his judgement…

Which has tipped me over the edge into seeing it. Will attempt to do so this weekend/next week.

Enjoyed it, although I suspect that it won’t go down well with folks who were expecting Independence Day or even Contact.

Very much in keeping with Denis Villeneuve’s earlier work, it requires a bit of concentration, because everything is important, particularly sequences that don’t appear to be.

Thought it was very good. Amy Adams is wonderful and (aside from a few hand-holding clumsy dialogue moments) it’s a very high-minded film about some really interesting (and extremely relevant without being obtusely allegorical) things to say about the way we communicate and the way we treat outsiders.


No-one’s mentioned how much they like the original story then? I’ll take the indie points…

If you like literate sf, you should all be reading it (Story of Your Life, by Ted Chiang, available in the collection of the same name). Glad to hear good things about the film.

Was thinking it might have been a good book whilst watching it, didn’t know it was an adaptation. So check it out.

It’s very good, it’s very much Amy Adams’ show and as usual she’s amazing. Not sure what was up with Forest Whitaker’s accent though.

I can see why they changed the title of the original short story for the film, it slightly gives the game away.

yeah that was pretty good

for the greatest communicator in the world, took her a fair amount of time to figure out

*pointing at bomb*

That was everything I was hoping for an more. Just a fantastic film

You could tell at that point the alien’s were like 'sake look