Arrow Blu Ray Releases


Considered buying The Thing today from Fopp but it was out of stock. Has anyone got any Arrow Blu Rays with extra stuff / limited editions, etc and would you recommend?


I don’t have it so can’t recommend it based on extras, but they reissued Miracle Mile last year and it is some incredible stuff


Never even heard of that film, looks decent. I think I’ll pick one up when in stock and look at the others on their website.


I’ve got a few Arrow blurays, they always put a good package together. The limited edition items usually sell out pretty quickly.


Cheers. Tempted to pick 3 up but seeing the limited ones kind of make me wants those versions only. (The Thing, Carrie, Shock Treatment).


I’m a member of a facebook group ‘Cult Cinema Collector’s Corner’ where these often come up for sale. There’s a sealed copy of the sold out Carrie limited edition on there for £20 atm. The Thing comes up fairly often too.





Thanks will add that. Carrie is going for roughly £35 on eBay so good tip thanks. Add me too on facebook Jim if you like I’ve just moved down to Bristol.


So I saw it when it was on Netflix a while back, but then a second time at a horror movie all nighter (despite it not really being a horror movie) - it was the last film of the night and a really intense finish.


Didn’t know there was a Thing reissue, anyone seen it? Worth getting for the extras? I don’t have a 4K TV and the previous print was pretty good, it’s not like it’s one of those grainy old blurays that was never cleaned up, I thought it was pristeen.


Starting to build up a bit of a collection of these now. They’re pretty reliable for decent extras and the remastering of the films is usually noticeably better.