Art Brut - Wham, Bam, Pow, Lets Rock Out!

This was mentioned in the albums hype thread but decided to give it’s own thread. They have signed with Alcopop . New single is a banger, seems after the long break they are just go back to basics Art Brut (even have the old font / logo back)*. Looking forward to the album , it has been too long.

*For some reason I always find bands font/logo changes interesting. I remember my brother and I being left in a state of shop when Nuclear Sounds came out and Ash had change the classic font and logo to the new “fish” logo.


They’re playing Boston Music Rooms in Tufnell Park in a few months. I bought my ticket already. Good to have them back.

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Heard this on 6Music last night - instantly brought a smile to my face :+1:


That cover is atrocious but I’m pleased they’re back.

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This is really good!

My brother just go tickets to that, I live in NY , so bit toofar out for me unfortunately Sure it will be great, seen them a few times and they have always put on a show.

Sold out. I guess itll get bumped up to Dome?

always thought this band was shit, that title confirms it

The title confirms that Art Brut are a band with silly titles. Which they are


This song also sounds like pretty much every other Art Brut song ever written. This is a good thing.


Most probably.

Boston Rooms and The Dome are the best venues in London for their size. Such underrated and under used venues.


Fuck off misery guts


Loved playing The Dome, it’s brilliant and has a bit of a bad rep for some reason?

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Any chance that you’ll be on the bill?

I know that Art Brut are fans of The Indelicates and you’ve played a few gigs with The Indelicates.

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We talked to Eddie about it a bit when we were in Berlin in April, but it was quite boozy. So, dunno

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My fav Art Brut memory was during Modern Art at Glastonbury 2009 on the Other Stage he jumped down to meet the crowd then realized he couldn’t climb back up so had to run around the stage whilst the rest of the band held onto a note so he could finish the song.

Eddie Argos’ spoken word a few years ago at Paper Dress Vintage part of Mirrors Festival was brilliant too. That was the highlight of that music festival.

I’m on holidays out of the country. Someone needs to remind me to buy a ticket when I’m back in London on the 20th.

Sold out? Shit. Better pull some strings.