Art Brut - Wham, Bam, Pow, Lets Rock Out!



Ticket bought. Thanks for the heads up.


See you there :slight_smile:




New Single - Hospital

Album out November 23rd


Eggcelent video. Sorry had to do that yoke,l. Thsr one was alwhite, I could probably eggtend this with more puns but I shell not.


I love that you can palpably read the beers in this post


Oeuf. Ei feather bird such ludeggcrous yolks




How this was never commissioned for a series on its own is beyond me. Pliny is by far the best thing Stewart Lee has ever done.



I hope you’re very
Happy together
And if you’re not


That line did make me laugh, and for most it’s a very true statement.


This album has everything I was hoping for from a new Art Brut record.


Support band for The Garage confirmed as…us (Fightmilk)! I’m very excited tbh. Please come early and see us. We’re doing at least one of the other shows too.


See you there.


they played Hospital! On radio 4! I drummed for them! It was a bit surreal!


Entirely agree with this statement. Just got round to listening to this, having not listened to this band in about 10 years. They haven’t changed anything from the style they had on their debut and it’s great fun - some of the lyrics really do bring a smile to your face. ‘…happy together’ and ‘Veronica falls’ the 2 standout tracks for me




Fightmilk (please come early and see us please) - 19:30
Gaffa Tape Sandy - 20:15
Art Brut - 21:30

See you tomorrow wheeee