Art Brut - Wham, Bam, Pow, Lets Rock Out!


Looks like most the shows are selling out, which is great for them (and for you guys)!

I imagine it was pretty cool to play with them on radio 4 last week!


Sad for me though, because I missed out on tickets last year :frowning:


Fightmilk were brilliant fun live as always. I had a great time. Nice one.

I’ve been going to The Garage for nearly 25 years. The last time I was upfront at The Garage was throwing David Yow back on the stage around 2012 when he played as Scratch Acid.

Nice to have had a quick hello at the merch stand with you. Look forward to more London dates from you this year (please!).

Cheers to you and your bandmates.

P.S. Gaffa Tape Sandy (who I hadn’t heard of before your mention) were very good. Art Brut were Art Brut; you watch them live with a beer and a constant smile on your face.

Great night out.

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Great to see you! Thanks for coming early to watch us. Quite the encore from AB hey?! Can confirm an entire bottle of gin was consumed prior to onstage. Good boys.

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I can barely play after two pints so nothing but admiration here!

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Art Brut are just brilliant. Last night was a great triple bill.

I saw Eddie Argos do a spoken word at Paper Dress Vintage a few years ago. He comes across as one of the most nicest, honest and funniest blokes in music.


Manchester tomorrow! Just us and Art Brut playing - early curfew for a club night so get there early! 7:30!

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Art Brut Top Of The Pops.

I’m seeing Desperate Journalist at Rough Trade East tomorrow. I think your band supported them at their Dome, Tufnell Park gig in 2017.

Have a great gig.


Ah yes they are our pals. Enjoy! Heard great things about the new album, recorded with Keith as all the best albums are :wink:

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I saw a Fightmilk t-shirt on a Eurostar journey from St Pancras to Brussels. Global!




Anyone going tomorrow to their Tufnell Park Dome gig?


Very possibly!

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Yep am going!


What did you think?

Art Brut always TOTP. Brilliant as always.

Even DrownedinSound was mentioned during My Little Brother.

Art Brut with The Lovely Eggs supporting made for a TOTP night out.


Art Brut, Top Of The Pops.


That was great!


Yeah! Had never seen Eggs before, love love loved them. Art Brut were excellent of course. I am their stand in drummer over the summer (that rhymes) so trying to remember all of Eddie’s weird rambles and off-setlist stuff. Impossible!

Hadn’t seen Dream Nails since we played with them years back either and they’re still so good. An excellent night with excellent people

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Also I met the little brother!

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They didn’t play it last night but this is my favourite of theirs.