Art Exhibitions (rolling)

Got myself an National Art Pass for the next 12 months. Need to use it to save £5 each month to get my monies worth. Got the Bridget Riley exhibition at the Hayword booked for Sunday.

Anyone got any recommendations?

Apologies, if I mainly add London-centric exhibitions, anyone’s welcome to add anything.


Lucien Freud at the Royal Academy. On until 26 January.

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Derek Jarman coming to Manchester Art Gallery in April


I too have an Art Pass for the year. Big Warhol exhibition at the Tate Modern starting in March.


Hoogs you been to William Blake at Tate Britain?

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If you stand back from it for a bit do you see a horse


Went last Saturday. it’s a full career retrospective, very comprehensive. And very busy too. I’m not his biggest fan though, so I can’t say I was blown away by it…

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She’s got loads of great stuff that looks like trippy magic eye. Wanted add this one to the OP but didn’t want to make anyone feel a bit off.


I am a big fan, of his writing at least, but I’ll manage my expectations accordingly.

Oh I dig that a lot

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Some of the paintings in the Hayward exhibition made me feel dizzy, and I couldn’t look too long at them for fear of being sick.


Went through a period of using Maths to paint abstract patterns. Dead relaxing. Gonna steal her best ideas and do some more.


I went to this recently and it was great. The sketches and designs section is particularly good imo.

Hayward Gallery is prohibitively expensive though which I always think is a massive shame.

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Off to Nam June Paik at Tate Modern tonight, really excited from what I’ve seen and heard from people who’ve been.


I also went to the Dora Maar exhibition at Tate Modern recently (on until March 15th), which was brilliant. Such a range of different styles, all brilliant in their own way.


Cheers team, got a bit of a list, will report back.

Really looking forward to this.

Coincidentally, a Picasso painting of Dora Maar was recently damaged at the Tate Modern -

Got an Art Pass for Xmas so already had done some light digging of what we want to see… will just c+p my findings:

Beyond Bauhaus - RIBA
Now to Feb 1st

Bridget Riley - Southbank
Now to Jan 26 (50%)

Moving To Mars - Design Museum
Now to Feb 23rd (50%)

Eco-Visionaries - Royal Academy
Now to Feb 23 (50%)

Mushrooms - Somerset House
Jan 31 to Apr 26th

Steve McQueen - Tate Modern
Feb 13 to May 11 (50%)

David Hockney - National Portrait Gallery
Feb 27 to 28 Jun 28

Kimono - V&A
Feb 29 to Jun 21 (50%)

Andy Warhol - Tate Modern
Mar 8th to Sep 6th (50%)

Electronic Music - Design Museum
Apr 1 to Jul 26 (50%)

Reverb: Sound into Art - Hayward Gallery
Jun 24 to Sep 6 (50%)

London Biennale - Somerset House
Sep 8th to Sep 28th (Free)

Marina Abramovic - Royal Academy
Sep 26th to Dec 8th (50%)


Make sure to see the final exhibit at the end, even if you have to queue. That’s all that I’m saying.

feels like i’m constantly going to some variation of this exhibition but it’s always good :s

oh it’s ended. but i guess what I said means I can go to a similar thing somewhere else hah