Art Exhibitions (rolling)

The William Blake exhibition was great but it was far, far too busy to enjoy it properly – which is becoming the case with a lot of Tate stuff, sadly. I bought a membership last year and I’ve been finding myself going back to the same thing multiple times just to try and piece them together properly.

Would quite like to go to the Bridget Riley one but there is no way I’m making it before it closes, wish I had known it was on sooner :frowning:

(also the website is being rubbish and not letting me sign up to the reduced tickets for under 30s thing)

Well up for Andy Warhol at the Tate. Really wanted to see Keith Haring but couldn’t really justify the trip to Liverpool.

Year 3 at Tate Britain is brilliant, and free.

Did anyone catch Mark Leckey at Tate Britain? Best thing I’ve seen in ages.

Going to try and catch Bridget Riley before 26th. Went over Xmas, but stupidly didn’t pre-book so had to wait 30 mins and my son started kicking off so we left.

The Royal Academy are the only major London gallery that doens’t give you half price entry to exhibitions with an art fund pass. They give you a massive £1 off a full price ticket. Fuck 'em.


Went after visiting the William Blake exhibition. Enjoyed it, but it was busy, so not much room to comfortably sit down and watch the full hour.

(it’s finished now)

reeeeally need to get my arse in gear and go see Bridget Riley, absolutely love her stuff.

There’s about 4 temporary exhibitions across the road at the V&A I want to see but I never end up leaving my desk for lunch!

Ah yeah, we actually saw it on the final weekend.

Can confirm Nam June Paik exhibition is FUCKING AMAZING

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Daniela Ortiz in Barcelona until 16th February is great…

Anselm Kiefer - Superstrings, Runes, The Norns, Gordian Knot

The German master of doom and gloom returns to the White Cube with 16 large scale paintings and one installation. It isn’t entirely clear what these apocalyptic landscapes inspired by Norse mythology are depicting. First World War battlefields? Environmental disasters? Farmland in winter? Mesmerising.

White Cube Bermondsey - free entry - until 26 Jan

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Started buying a posters at pretty much everything I go to. Realised they become pretty collectable. Have one of these that a guy has flogged 8 of for £75 each, and a couple from that Jeff Koons show at Newport Street Gallery a couple of years ago. Worth doing - they’re usually pretty cheap.

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In Barcelona check this exhibit at Foto Colectania for photos from Spain’s La Movida movement after Franco died… on till Feb 23

Sotheby’s are having public previews of art before they are exchanged by the ultra-rich. Last days are today and Sunday. I like these shows because the staff treat you like a potential buyer.

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Francos dead?!

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It’s a bit off-topic, but does anyone know where there are other collections of Jack Yeats or which sites do listings like this? I’ve just been getting into going to art galleries, as it’s helping me write and just saw a decent collection of his in Dublin and would love to see more.

Heading into town (Central London) in a couple of weeks’ time and was wondering if anyone can recommend any good exhibitions that are currently on. I’m completely out of the loop having not been to any form of cultural event since February😭

The Photographers’ Gallery is showing the annual Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize, with work from all four nominees. On until 20 September.


This is exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for. Thanks!

I’m trying to avoid the popular, major exhibitions, so more obscure, the better.

Nearly all of the larger ones have timed and pre-booked tickets now so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Upcoming exhibitions that may be of interest:

  • Dana Schutz at the Thomas Dane Gallery (16 Sep - 19 Dec)
  • 25 Years at the Stephen Friedman Gallery, showing works by David Shrigley, Kehinde Wiley, Lisa Brice and others (24 Sep - 7 Nov)
  • Gillian Wearing at Maureen Paley (15 Sep - 24 Oct)
  • Bridget Riley at the Cristea Roberts Gallery (11 Sep - 17 Oct)

All the above exhibitions are free to visit, but you may have to pre-book a time slot.