Art Exhibitions (rolling)

Oh yeah, I’m aware of that. In a general sense I just meant that I’m a bit bored of going to the major cultural venues, although admittedly Steve McQueen at the Tate Modern was amazing.

My art pass has been out of use for about 5 months, wonder if they’ll do some kind of extension? Probably not

Please avoid anything on at the Tates and Southbank if you can so as not to cross the picket lines. The strikers are doing amazing art performances though so it’s worth turning up outside to give your support.


The union at the Southbank Centre has balloted for strike action and organised protests regarding potential redundancies but the actual strike hasn’t started yet.

At the Tate more than 100 members of staff have gone on an indefinite strike last week over the Tate’s decision to cut 300 jobs from its commercial arm, Tate Enterprises.

thank you hoogybot

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Wondering the same thing. Not the best year to get our first ones…

I had a look on their website and they said no, a bit irritating tbh

I think I have about 2 months left

I got one as one of my work perks for this year. The other one was travel insurance. Money well spent in 2020.

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Among the Trees at the Hayward was very good.

i couldn’t find a better place for this comment, but i went to a gallery yesterday and amongst all the other things, there was a video that yoko ono had made which seemed to collate graphic footage of victims of war and play it on a loop. it was pretty offensive, so fuck you, yoko ono

Things are opening up now, change title to Rolling Art Exhibitions @moderators?

In the queue ATM for members tickets to Yayoi Kusama at Tate Modern

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Got tickets to Ryoji Ikeda at Strand 180 at the end of the month. Other than that I’m trying not to tempt fate by booking loads, but there’s quite a few that I’m hoping have carried over from last year when they had to shut suddenly.


Went to Dia:beacon the other day and it was banging. So much good stuff and pretty empty. Highlight was a Carl Craig installation which took up a whole massive basement, basically a recreation of a club with lights and techno. Amazing. Some great dan flavin light installation stuff as well.

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Now restrictions are easing I’m definitely up for getting back into the London culture scene.

Can anyone recommend some good exhibitions coming up?

Yayoi Kusama at Tate Modern*
Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro
Ryoji Ikeda at 180 Strand*
Rachel Whiteread at Gagosian Grosvenor Hill**
Frank Walter/Luc Tuymans at David Zwirner**
Jean Dubuffet at Barbican Art Gallery
Idris Khan at Victoria Miro*



looking forward to the Ryoji Ikeda show

Dubuffet and Kusama shows sound good as well

will be good to use my art pass after 6 months+ absence, hopefully I’ve got a few more months left on it

oh just saw key workers go free at Ryoji Ikeda, nice


Grayson’s Art Club exhibition at last:

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There are two im excited about, though no idea how I’ll reach the Warwickshire one
Rebecca Louise Law: Seasons | Compton Verney I really love her work, her exhibition at Kew gardens was one my favourites ever
Naturally Brilliant Colour | Kew
This looks amazing too, right up my street