Articles you've got saved/bookmarked/open in another tab that you're never going to read

Unless it’s just me that does this.

i used to, then stopped

that’s since april

then 1,220 days of articles saved in feedly (can’t view the number)
and 6,000+ articles in pocket

That’s far too many tabs. Please close some. Even just one.

they’re all saved on my homescreen. not actually open.


I can confirm that I won’t be reading the second one before leaving but will perhaps read the first one to make it look like i’m staying here later doing work

I have 100s of bookmarks that need sorting. Will check and post them here actually. Most are jobs I’ve never got round to applying or stuff from when I was looking for a place to rent.

Not as many as I thought. Almost all are books I want to buy.

Anyway ive read but am yet to properly go over this:

and this:



they’re in sub-sections, at least